How to Create a Magical Skin Care Routine

How to Create a Magical Skin Care Routine

How to Create a Magical Skin Care Routine

Enhance your routine and get radiant skin with these simple tips.
In a current market where skin care is sold everywhere, it can be extremely challenging to find the right products for you. First thing you want to do is ask yourself “What is my skin type?” Those who have dry skin will have a different skincare regimen than those who have oily skin and will need to use different products. 
Luckily, skin care is simple with Orsuins, as we develop minimal products for maximum needs. We don’t believe in creating dozens of products for a single skin type. We believe in keeping things simple, yet effective and always luxurious!
Using our guide, you too, can have flawless, beautiful and radiant skin that you have always dreamed of. It starts with a few simple products:
How to Create a Magical Skin Care Routine

1. Always start and end your day with a cleanser.

Every skincare regimen should always begin with having a clean and smooth surface to work with. A cleanser will prepare your skin each morning and night, for the next step in facial care. Orsuins offers 2 different cleansers for 2 different skin types. Our 24k Gold Purifying Cleanser is for oily prone skin and our Micro-Crystal Radiance Cleansing Milk is for dryer skin types. 

2. Use a moisturizer every morning.

This is crucial in any skin care routine, as the nourishment you feed your skin from the early hours, will last you throughout the day. Moisturizers work wonders to feed and protect the skin. Orsuins offers 2 selections for 2 different skin types. Our 24K Gold Youth Revive Collagen Cream is exceptional for normal to dry skin types, but can also be used for all skin types. 
Our Micro-Crystal Oil Control Seaweed Cream is a magic cream for those with oily skin, as it controls excess oil production and helps prevent breakouts. 

3. Eye creams are the new daily essential. 

Becoming more popular than ever, eye creams are the ‘must-do’ in every skin care routine. Our Collagen Illuminating Eye Cream is formulated for all skin types. Don’t skip this step each morning and night if you want to prevent or minimize eye wrinkles and brighten dark circles. 

4. Don’t forget a weekly mask. 

Masks have recently really changed the skin care game. Ours are formulated with such advanced technology, that it can be used to replicate similar effects than those of facial fillers and mini-facelifts. Most masks can even allow you to skip a facial, which also turns out to be cost effective. Our 24k Gold Caviar Renewal Mask is a ‘mini-facelift’ in a jar! It lifts, tightens and rejuvenates the surface, leaving you with fresh, glowing and youthful skin! 
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