Pulse of Orsuins

Pulse of Orsuins

Every company has a pulse which beats faster by those that have injected their heart and soul into establishing a formidable brand! The pulse of Orsuins Skincare is activated by two lifelong friends who have dedicated their time, money and energy; into developing high-end products as  well as skincare services that produce trusted results. Founders, Meda Abramyan and Armine Krikorian’s, sole mission is to inspire women to be confident by having them look and feel their very best. They project a warm, caring, and nurturing aura which is felt as soon as you walk into Orsuins Skin Center; located in Glendale, CA.

Meda who has been a licensed esthetician for nearly 15 years, has been bestowing her wisdom not only onto her clients but onto those who aspire to be within the skincare industry. She instructs skincare classes that provide attendees with valuable knowledge they need to become respected estheticians. Her years of expertise led her to formulate 24K Gold Skincare products that she can fully endorse! Meda’s passion for making her clients feel beautiful by bettering their skin’s health, is matched by her business partner, Armine. Armine’s faith in Meda’s ability to produce a skincare line and center; propelled her to invest in furthering Orsuins’ mission of making their clients feel ‘Golden’!

Pulse of Orsuins Skin care

We’re living in the digital era where people want to feel instant gratification…Orsuins delivers noteworthy results upon the first few uses of their products. As far as their facials, well… try that for yourself once, and you’ll find yourself purchasing a combo of treatments conducted by Meda or one of her skilled estheticians! Certain skincare treatments are done by using Orsuins own skincare products. The 24K Gold Orsuins products range from the: Caviar Anti-Aging Serum, Caviar Renewal Mask, Collagen Facial Scrub, Purifying Cleanser, Youth Revive Collagen Cream, and the Illuminating Eye Cream! Made for all skin types to treat various skin conditions, Orsuins skincare products will leave your skin feeling vivacious again. Allow your skin to be kissed by the luxurious Orsuins Skincare products and treat yourself to skincare services that will have you radiating as you walk out of Orsuins Skincare Center. Shop Orusins and feel Golden!

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